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CITRIS Invention Lab
CITRIS Invention Lab

Knowledge, tools and support for rapid designs and prototypes

2014 Graduate Commencement
2014 Graduate Commencement

Greek Theatre ceremony for Master's and Ph.D. recipients

2014 Baccalaureate Commencement
2014 Baccalaureate Commencement

Graduation ceremony at the Hearst Greek Theatre

Jacobs Hall groundbreaking
Jacobs Hall groundbreaking

Call Day kickoff for Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation

Minner Lecture: Dale Dougherty
Dale Dougherty

"We are All Makers," with the founder and CEO of Maker Media

Kuh Lecture: Dr. Sehat Sutardja
Sehat Sutardja

Co-founder, chairman and CEO of the Marvell Technology Group

Berkeley Engineering Today

Corrective vision display test Jul 24, 2014 MIT Technology Review
Prototype display could make reading glasses obsolete
Researchers at Berkeley Engineering, MIT's Media Lab and Microsoft, including EECS professor Brian Barsky, are working on display technology that compensates for vision defects. The system uses algorithms to predict how a user's eyes distort the image, then adjusts the display to eliminate the need for corrective lenses.
UC Berkeley professor and synthetic-biology pioneer Jay Keasling was on Capitol Hill Thursday, stressing the need for a federal strategy to ensure continued U.S. leadership in a field he said can yield significant medical benefits for people throughout the world.
Bomb-sniffing dog Jul 20, 2014 UC Berkeley NewsCenter
Tiny laser sensor heightens bomb detection sensitivity
UC Berkeley researchers, led by mechanical engineering professor Xiang Zhang, are developing ultra-sensitive bomb detectors using tiny laser sensors that could detect incredibly minute concentrations of explosives.
In a roundup of university robotics options from around the country, UC Berkeley lands at the top of the list, described as "an incredibly robust college for robotics that will likely meet your interests no matter what they are."
Three Berkeley undergraduates, including EECS junior Noah Gilmore, have created an interactive website designed to help students choose classes. Called Berkeleytime, it gathers all of the school's curricular information in one place, allowing students to filter and sort by thousands of criteria.
Berkeley Engineering researchers have discovered several quickly-patched vulnerabilities in popular password managers that could allow attackers to gain access.
New technology in development at Berkeley Engineering promises to ensure that fiber optic networks will be able to keep pace with consumer demand for speed and seamless data flow. The work, led by EECS professor Connie Chang-Hasnain, involves growing lasers (called nanoneedles) on silicon , the base layer of choice for electronic devices.
Computer students Jul 10, 2014 U.S. News & World Report
Colleges work to engage women, minorities in STEM fields
Sheila Humphreys, director of diversity for Berkeley Engineering's electrical engineering and computer science department, talks about efforts in her department to encourage minorities and women breaking into the field.

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