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Facilities available within the College of Engineering Dean's Office are situated on the north east side of the campus and are located in the Bechtel Engineering Center, Hearst Memorial Mining Building (HMMB), McLaughlin Hall, O'Brien Hall, and off campus sites; 2150 Shattuck Avenue (aka Power Bar Building), and Richmond Field Station.


First, please check the facility space availability via the online reservation calendar system:

  • After your reservation request is submitted online, your reservation request will be reviewed to determine if we can accommodate the date(s), time(s), purpose, and the required approvals have been validated. 
  • Normally, you will be notified within a week (via email) if we can or cannot accommodate your reservation request.
  • Availability via our online system is not guaranteed unless you have received confirmation from the COE Facilities Office that all required conditions (ie. approvals, and/or required campus services, etc. ) are met.
  • Incomplete reservation requests are automatically cancelled.
NOTE:  Our facilities are self-service.  See Facilities Details below.


Facilities Details

Campus Facilities


space / area

facility type

occupancy limits

space usage fees

available audio/ visual equipment

Reservation information

Bechtel Engineering Center







Sibley 2014


(no food/drinks allowed)



227 (seats)

Up to 4 hours:         $475
4 to 8 hours:           $800
8+ hours (all day):  $1,000

*computer projector

*lapel microphone

*handheld microphone

 online calendar access

Garbarini 2014


(no food/drinks allowed)



75 (seats)
100 (stand)

Up to 4 hours:     $250
4 to 8 hours:       $375

8+ hours (all day): $500


 online calendar access

bec240-front view
240  Classroom

44 (seats)  not applicable *computer projector
Contact Information:
Engineering Student Services (ESS) 
Trefethen Terrace

Trefethen Terrace

3rd Floor



80 (seats) 
150 (stand)

Up to 4 hours:       $250
4 to 8 hours:         $375 
8+ hours (all day):   $500


 online calendar access

Hearst Mining Memorial Building

hmmb290 backview
290  Conference  78 (seats) Up to 4 hours:          $175
4 to 8 hours:            $300
8+ hours (all day):      $500

Weekend - Additional Surcharge: $175.00

*Computer projector
online calendar access
Hearst Mining Moore Lobby




*review special requirements

120 (seats)

300 (stand)

*not available weekdays during
semester when classes are in session

Up to 4 hours:     $475  
4 to 8 hours:       $800
All Day 8+ hours: $1,000
Weekend -  Additional Surcharge: $175.00


online calendar access 

McLaughlin Hall

McLaughlin East Entrance

East Entrance



30 (seats)

60 (stand)

 no charge


online calendar access

O'Brien Hall

obrien bway e.plaza

East Exterior



75 (seats)

200 (stand)

 no charge


online calendar access

O'Brien 2nd Floor
2nd Floor



 75 (stand)  no charge  
O'Brien 3rd Floor
3rd Floor



 75 (stand)  no charge  

Off Campus Facilities


2150 Shattuck Avenue

aka Power Bar Building Berkeley, CA
(please click on website link for more information)



    Please contact:

Richmond Field Station

1301 South 46th Street
Richmond, CA
(please click on website link for more information)

Richmond Field Station


    RFS Website


Please review these completely. All Departments or Organizations are responsible for adhering and enforcing COE Facilities' General Policies and Guidelines. Any deviation from this requirement will affect future reservation requests.

Hours of Operation

  • Building hours:    Campus Facilities/ Weekdays, Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 10:00pm 
(note: some facilities have different hours of operations; review special requirements for specific building hours)
  • Building use is not permitted during normal business closure periods such as weekends, holidays, and University breaks (UC Berkeley Academic Calendar)
    Exceptions to this policy will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the COE Facilities Office after the reservation request is submitted.>

Payment Terms

  • Payment is only accepted with a campus chartstring.  No cash, checks, or credit cards.
  • A chartstring is a mandatory requirement for all reservation requests and will only be used for cancellationsdamages and/or services that accrue from the usage of the facilities.  Submission of a chartstring indicates that the Department and its accounting administrator are aware that any forthcoming charges will be recharged to this chartstring. 

Cancellation Policy

Due to a high demand in space usage, cancellation fees will apply to confirmed reservations as follows:

  • Cancellations are subject to a fee of $50 if the total of the reservation is less than $200 and a fee of $100 if the reservation total is over $200.
  • The appropriate cancellation fee will be recharged to the chart string provided.
  • Notice of a cancellation must be given in writing to the COE Facilities Office:
    (1)  send email to: or 
    (2)  fax your cancellation to (510)642-7654

Campus Services (if required)

If your reservation requires Campus Services, you will be notified what services will be required. A tentative confirmation will be processed until all forms, permits, and/or approvals are received by the COE Facilities Office. Upon submission to the COE Facilities Office of all completed campus services, a final reservation confirmation will be sent via email.
Below are the links to the Departments that provide the required services for the reservation request:
  1. Alcohol - UCPD
  2. (2) BBQs - Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)
  3. (3) Food - Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)
  • Physical Plant Campus Services (PPCS) -  custodial, grounds, etc.
  • UC Police Department (UCPD) - alcohol permit, security services


  • Reservations are confirmed and guaranteed only upon receipt of all approvals, applicable forms,  and fees.
  • It is not possible to place a "hold" on a room, other than by booking it.
  • Confirmation of all required services, e.g. work order numbers, must be emailed to or faxed to (510)642-7654 or dropped off at our office located at 205 McLaughlin Hall (M-F: 8 am - 12p & 1pm - 4pm)no less than 10 business days before the date of reservation.
  • No reservation request is confirmed unless written confirmation is received by applicant from the COE Facilities Office.

Additional Required Service Fees

  • For facilities where an exception has been granted  to the "no food/drink policy";  a mandatory food exception fee of $100 will be recharged to the chart string provided.

Other COE and Associated Facilities Information

(please click on the facility below to access the reservation website)

Other Campus Resources Information


To ensure appropriate academic and professional content, all events and meetings must be sponsored by the College of Engineering Departments or Organized Research Units and organized by and participated in by faculty in the College of Engineering (interdisciplinary programs would involve engineering departments as co-organizers).  These facilities are programmed specifically for the College of Engineering (COE). Non-engineering related and other Campus Department events may be granted as exceptions only.  These facilities are not available for use by the general public.

All reservations must be sponsored by a College of Engineering faculty member or Department representative who agrees in writing to attend, be responsible that the space is used properly, and that the rules are followed, especially with respect to care and clean-up of the facilities.

Regular meetings of College of Engineering student organizations (primarily held in conference rooms) will be considered to be part of professional development, and may be organized by student leadership(Engineering Student Council (ESC)), although, they are encouraged to consult with their faculty advisor.  Student conferences and seminars must include faculty advisors as active members of the organizing committee.  Student groups must be members of the (ESC) and/or Registered with the Center for Student Leadership (CSL).

Lessee/Sponsoring Organization’s Responsibilities

It is the Department's and/or sponsors' responsibility to review and understand the policies, guidelines and requirements before submitting a reservation request.

  • All groups are responsible for returning the facility to its normal condition at the conclusion of the event. This includes replacing all moved furniture back to the standard layout posted by the entry door.
  • Users are responsible for making sure all trash is deposited in the waste containers, all equipment & supplies from your event are removed and the room is returned to its original condition.
  • If extraordinary cleaning/repair is deemed necessary, the additional vendor contractual fees will be recharged to the chartstring provided by the Department or event organizer/sponsor. This includes moving services fees to reset any moved furniture.
  • Cleaning fees will be recharged accordingly to the chartstring provided. Any debris abandoned after the event will result in loss of security deposit or recharged to chartstring.
  • The sponsoring organization is financially responsible for any damage to the building, equipment, and/or furnishings caused by persons attending the event.
  • Fire, including candles of any size or hot plates are not allowed in any COE facilities.
  • Special requests such as additional furniture must be pre-approved by the COE Facilities Office.  If additional furniture or assistance with setup/takedown is required, contact UC Movers at (510) 643-6262. There is a charge for all services provided by UC Movers. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • All Departments and Organizations are expected to return the facility to its normal condition at the conclusion of the reservation.
  • If the COE Facilities Office determines that extraordinary cleaning, repair, damages, and/or required services that has accrued from your event is deemed necessary, the additional vendor contractual fees will be recharged to the Department, Organization, or Sponsor. 
  • Conferences, large events, events with more than 25 attendees, weekend events (if applicable) as well as events that involve catering or other food service will be required to submit an official request to PPCS (510-642-1032)for cleaning, extra trash bins, and/or extra recycling bins.  These services will be recharged directly to the Department or Organization.  The Department or Organization may not opt of these policies to assume personal responsibility for cleaning.  
  • Any debris abandoned after the event will result in a recharge to chart string provided.

Food/Beverages (facilities that allow food/beverages)

  • All food served must be professionally catered and must be on the UCB approved caterer list (attach file).  Otherwise, caterer must provide proof of insurance (anchor - see below). 
  • A food permit from EH&S is required for events open to the public and/or you will charge admission. (EHS Food Permit Application)
  • Arrangements for food service, clean-up, furniture movement, additional audio/visual services, and event promotion must be made by Department and/or organization and at user's cost.
  • Catering requirements:  Any caterer may be used, provided that the caterer has a current Certificate of Insurance (link to below). 

Alcoholic Beverages

Be sure to review the Campus Alcoholic Beverage Policy
  • If alcohol will be served, the responsible party must fill out a Permit to Service Alcoholic Beverages.
  • It must be approved by the Department, the Facilities Manager and final approval by UCPD.   A copy of the UCPD final approval must be submitted to the COE Facilities Office according to the Guidelines.
  • No alcohol may be served at a student event without a faculty sponsor who will be present for the duration of the event.  
  • No alcohol may be served in any events where undergraduates are in attendance.

Certificates of Insurance

  • Required for caterers or any other groups who will be in the building providing services for your event such as florists, musicians, etc.
  • Certificate of Insurance Guidelines: 
  • (1) General Liability Insurance with at least $1,000,000 worth of coverage
    (2) Individual or Company name must be listed on the policy as Insured
    (3) The REGENTS OF THE UNIVERITY OF CALIFORNIA must be listed as “additional insured”
    (4) The certificate must list the INSURER’S name and contact information
    (5) The policy start and end date must be valid and listed on the certificate
    (6) Auto Liability Insurance with at least $1,000,000 worth of coverage – if a representative will be driving on University property
    (7) Proof of WORKER’S COMPENSATION - if a company employee will be working on University property.

    Email a copy of the declaration page, or drop off at 205 McLaughlin Hall MC1700.

  • Catering Certificate of Insurance (facilities that food/beverages are allowed)
  • All non-campus caterers must add UC Regents as an additional insured & fax copy of declaration page to the COE Facilities Office.


The sponsoring Department or Organization using COE Facilities takes responsibility for:

  • Any damage to the building, equipment, and/or furnishings caused by persons attending the event.
  • Any required services that accrue from the reservation.
  • Enforcing UC Berkeley's alcohol guidelines and smoke-free policy.
  • Restoring the facilities to their original state after the event. 

Revocations and Refusals

  • All reservations are revocable in cases of space-planning emergencies, as determined by the dean’s event subcommittee and classroom scheduling.
  • COE Facilities Office reserves the right to refuse future reservations to Departments or Organizations that do not comply with these policies. 


  • Reservations must be made no earlier than one year prior to the event date and no later than three weeks prior to the event date. 
  • Requests will not be accepted within two weeks of the event date due to required time frame needed by other Campus Departments to request services.
  • All required permits and additional required services (anchor) must be approved and forwarded to our office before reservation is confirmed.

Facilities Space Access - Entry Doors and Keys

  • Facilities' space access and key check out  must be arranged with the COE Facilities Office no later than three business days in advance of event.

Reservation Time Frame & Set Up/Take Down Time

  • Event organizers must include in their contracted hours of rental sufficient turnover time for setting up and taking down of events. Typically, this means 1.5 hours prior to and 1 hour after the event.
  • Access to the reserved facility will not be permitted until the time for which it is contracted.


  • No signs, banners, posters or decorations may be nailed, tacked or affixed in any way to the interior walls of the facilities.
  • Signs may be posted using blue painter’s tape only. No scotch tape, masking tape, packing tape, etc. is allowed.
  • Banners must be draped on a table or affixed to podium with blue painter’s tape.
  • Damage to the walls will be repaired and recharged to chart string provided.
  • All interior and exterior signs must be removed at the end of the event.
  • COE Facilities does not provide posters, nametags, registration, website development, catering, room set up or other event services. These are fully the responsibility of the event planner(s).

Additional Policies and Guidelines specific to use of these facilities:

  • Bechtel Engineering Center Reservation Policies and Guidelines (Contact COE Facilities Office)
  • Hearst Memorial Mining Building (HMMB) Reservation Policies and Guidelines (Contact COE Facilities Office)


The Department and/or organization must provide proof of all services required for the reservation, including but not limited to PPCS custodial services, security services, certificates of insurance, and/or permits, within two weeks of submitting your room reservation request. Failure to do so will result in loss of your reservation. If special circumstances prevent you from complying with this requirement, please contact the COE Facilities Office immediately after submitting your room reservation request to make alternate arrangements.

Audio Visual (A/V) Equipment and/or Services

Auditorium and conference rooms are basically equipped with a projector, screen and speakers.
Arrangements must be made in advance of the reservation with the COE Facilities Office for instruction on using or testing the on-site A/V equipment. 
All other A/V requirements such as video recording and telecasting should be arranged through Campus ETS (Educational and Technology Services): 

  • telephone:   (510) 812-7603
  • contact: Airdri Stoddart

Parking and Transportation Information

Detailed Information is provided at Parking and Transportation Department Tel (510) 642-4283.
  • Special event parking arrangements may be requested through this Department
  • Please note that COE Facilities' Office cannot assume the responsibility for parking violations incurred while visiting or renting our facilities.


Alcohol Permit

  • If alcohol will be served, the Department and/or sponsor event must fill out anAlcohol Permit Request and have it approved by the COE Facilities Office (205 McLaughlin Hall) and UCPD.   
  • An approved UCPD copy must be submitted to our office before any reservation requests are confirmed (see Campus Services.
  • No alcohol may be served at a student event without a faculty sponsor who will be present for the duration of the event. 
  • Alcohol permits can be obtained from UCPD.

Fire Permit

  • Fire permits must be obtained for BBQs. Hotplates or candles are not allowed in our facilities.  
  • Please contact the Fire Marshall at (510) 642-5995 or Website.

Food Permit (only for facilities that allow food)

  • A food permit from EH&S is required for events where food will be served if the event is open to the public and/or you will charge admission
  • EHS Food Permit Application.

Student Groups


  • College of Engineering Dean's Office Facilities Office is not responsible for items left on premises by the lessee or guests. All goods and/or equipment must be removed from the premises immediately following the conclusion of the event.
  • The College reserves the right to refuse future rentals to organizations that do not comply with the general policies and guidelines
  • Exceptions to any of these policies are not valid unless approved in writing by the Assistant Dean of Facilities and Capital Projects
  • COE Facilities Office may, at its sole discretion, place additional requirements on your reservation, such as extra security for high-profile guests.
  • All reservations are subject to cancellation by the College of Engineering Dean's Office.

Emergencies: call UC Police Department at 9-911 or from a cell: (510) 642-3333