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Energy and Berkeley Engineering

The attention of the world has turned towards addressing one of today's most pressing issues: how to create a sustainable and environmentally sound society powered by creative energy solutions. At Berkeley Engineering, top-tier faculty in all departments, working in conjunction with colleagues from across the campus and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, have dedicated their efforts to researching and developing the innovative technologies that will drive tomorrow's energy solutions. Whether in the areas of low-carbon technologies, creating novel materials, engineering intelligent sensing networks or rethinking the smart grid, Berkeley Engineering operates on the cutting edge of energy research.

Energy @ Berkeley Engineering spans all departments within the College of Engineering, involving over 125 individual faculty and more than 22 research centers, many of which bring together faculty and students from colleges and departments throughout UC Berkeley and sister UC campuses. Berkeley Engineering also benefits from a rich collaborative relationship with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, also a leader in energy research. Berkeley Engineering values the continuing strong relationships with a variety of corporate partners from all segments of industry.

Berkeley Engineering research in Energy focuses on four broad areas: Energy Policy, Energy Supply, Energy Demand and Energy and the Environment. Each area is richly supported by faculty, students, research centers and laboratories all dedicated to the mission of expanding the horizon for the sustainable energy future. 


Energy @ Berkeley Engineering

Berkeley Engineering focuses on four interconnected areas of research in energy: policy, supply, demand, and the environment.