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Engineering gifts

Private funds are vital to Cal’s excellence in engineering. Here the College recognizes new pledges and gifts received between August 26 and December 31, 2002. Gifts and pledges from individuals range from $25,000 and above. Corporate partners of $200,000 or more are also listed.

We are grateful to our donors for their support of Berkeley engineering.

New Major Gifts and Pledges

Raymond W.H. Chu, ME ‘77
Berkeley Engineering Fund

H.T. Chua, EE ’61 & Jessie Chua, L&S ’61
H.T. & Jessie Chua Distinguished Professorship

Paul & Stacy Jacobs, EE ’84, EECS ’86 ’89
Paul & Stacy Jacobs Distinguished Professorship

Burton & Deedee McMurtry
Berkeley Engineering Fund

Barbara P. Newell
The Gordon F. Newell Fellowship Fund

Dean A. Richard Newton, EE ’78 & Petra Michel
Berkeley Engineering Fund

Bruce & Amy Pauly
The Gordon F. Newell Fellowship Fund

Robert D. Sanderson, IEOR ’66 ’70 & Shirley A. Sanderson, Zoology ’66, Law ’75
Berkeley Engineering Fund

Susan Trescher
The Ferdinand George Trescher Memorial Scholarship Fund


Hitachi, Ltd.

Infineon Technologies

Intel Corporation

Suss Microtec, Inc.

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