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Press coverage of Berkeley Engineering people and news.

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Jul 18, 2014 Business Insider The 10 best universities for robotics in the U.S.
In a roundup of university robotics options from around the country, UC Berkeley lands at the top of the list, described as "an incredibly robust college for robotics that will likely meet your interests no matter what they are."
Jul 16, 2014 Forbes A class discovery platform: By students, for students
Three Berkeley undergraduates, including EECS junior Noah Gilmore, have created an interactive website designed to help students choose classes. Called Berkeleytime, it gathers all of the school's curricular information in one place, allowing students to filter and sort by thousands of criteria.
Jul 15, 2014 siliconANGLE Password managers hacked: Researchers find ‘critical’ vulnerabilities
Berkeley Engineering researchers have discovered several quickly-patched vulnerabilities in popular password managers that could allow attackers to gain access.
Jul 14, 2014 livescience Nanolasers on silicon to provide faster data transmission
New technology in development at Berkeley Engineering promises to ensure that fiber optic networks will be able to keep pace with consumer demand for speed and seamless data flow. The work, led by EECS professor Connie Chang-Hasnain, involves growing lasers (called nanoneedles) on silicon , the base layer of choice for electronic devices.
Computer students
Jul 10, 2014 U.S. News & World Report Colleges work to engage women, minorities in STEM fields
Sheila Humphreys, director of diversity for Berkeley Engineering's electrical engineering and computer science department, talks about efforts in her department to encourage minorities and women breaking into the field.
Ian Stoica
Jul 01, 2014 Information Week Databricks Spark plans: Big data Q&A
Ian Stoica, computer science professor and CEO of Databricks, talks about his company's bold vision to make Databricks and its Apache Spark core, developed in UC Berkeley's AMPLab in 2009, into big data's epicenter of analysis.
UC seal
Jun 27, 2014 Daily Californian UC now able to invest in homegrown technology
Thanks to a change in policy, the University of California is now able to invest directly in companies that use and market technology developed at UC facilities, or to accept equity from such companies or from campus-run “incubators” — such as UC Berkeley’s SkyDeck, which supports fledgling companies with resources and expertise.
Development engineering
Jun 24, 2014 SciDev.Net Holistic development engineering on the upswing
The open access Journal of Development Engineering is due to launch in 2015, a move that could encourage more researchers to enter this nascent and holistic field, where UC Berkeley's Blum Center for Developing Economies plays a leading role.
3-D printer
Jun 18, 2014 National Science Foundation Engineering for all
In an article on how the "maker movement" shines a spotlight on DIY design and manufacturing, mechanical engineering professor Paul Wright talks about how more affordable tools, like 3-D printers and design software, are helping young inventors move rapidly from prototype to product.
Per Peterson
Jun 13, 2014 Forbes EPA hits nuclear power with kryptonite
A commentary questioning whether the EPA's new proposed emissions rule for nuclear power plants is politically motivated quotes a forum post by nuclear engineering professor Per Peterson, who wrote that "There exists no plausible public health or environmental reason to regulate [Krypton-85] emissions, since they do not and can never have any significant public health or environmental impact."
David Sedlak
Jun 13, 2014 National Water Research Institute Water researcher David Sedlak wins 2014 Clarke Prize
The National Water Research Institute has named David Sedlak, Berkeley professor of civil and environmental engineering, as the 21st recipient of its Athalie Richardson Irvine Clarke Prize for his pioneering research on advancing the way water resources and urban water infrastructure are managed.
Scout robot
Jun 13, 2014 Big to tiny robots on risky ground: You go first
Researchers at Berkeley Engineering's Biomimetic Millisystems Lab and ETH Zurich have suggested an approach for protecting expensive components in big robots when on difficult terrain: Send in little, inexpensively made robots ahead of them as scouts.
California Report Card
Jun 11, 2014 San Francisco Chronicle Amplifying California's collective intelligence
In an op-ed article, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and IEOR professor Ken Goldberg write about the California Report Card, a mobile-friendly web-based platform from the CITRIS Data and Democracy Initiative that streamlines and organizes public input for the benefit of policymakers and elected officials.
Jun 10, 2014 University of California World Cup may score points for exoskeleton development
When soccer’s World Cup kicks off June 12, mechanical engineering professor Homayoon Kazerooni and his research assistants won’t be watching the players. They’ll be staring at the paraplegic teenager in a brain-controlled robotic suit kicking a soccer ball.
Eni Award
Jun 09, 2014 Joint BioEnergy Institute Bioengineer Jay Keasling wins renewable energy prize
Jay Keasling, professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering and bioengineering and CEO of JBEI, has won the 2014 Renewable Energy Prize portion of the prestigious Eni Awards for his achievements in “the microbial production of hydrocarbon fuels.”
Ruzena Bajcsy
Jun 06, 2014 Technische Universität Darmstadt Named lecture series honors pioneer Ruzena Bajcsy
The new Ruzena Bajcsy Lectures on Communications at TU Darmstadt honors one of the first women researchers in electrical engineering and computer sciences and a role model for women scientists and engineers worldwide. The lecture series invites leading women researchers to Darmstadt. Bajcsy’s work in EECS focuses on tele-immersive environments, image processing and robotics.
May 29, 2014 Science Codex New laser sensing technology for self-driving cars, smartphones and 3-D video games
A new twist on 3-D imaging technology, being developed at Berkeley Engineering, could one day enable your self-driving car to spot a child in the street half a block away, let you answer your Smartphone from across the room with a wave of your hand, or play "virtual tennis" on your driveway. EECS Ph.D. candidate Behnam Behroozpour will present the team's work at the CLEO: 2014 conference in San Jose in June.
Robot helper
May 29, 2014 IEEE Spectrum So, where are my robot servants?
Four years after Berkeley engineers' video of a towel-folding robot went viral, IEEE Spectrum ponders what it will take to develop robots that can become true helpers and companions in people’s homes. Berkeley roboticist Ken Goldberg says he doubts that ever-smarter machines will replace human contact, “but people aren’t always available.”
2014 Bakar Fellows
May 27, 2014 Berkeley Research Four Berkeley Engineering faculty among new Bakar Fellows
The Bakar Fellows Program's new fellows for 2014-15 include Ana Claudia Arias (EECS), who is working to improve MRI hardware; John Dueber (bioengineering), who uses synthetic biology to improve green chemistry; Shawn Shadden (mechanical engineering), whose research integrates medical diagnostic imaging with computational modeling; and Laura Waller (EECS), who develops new methods for optical imaging as head of the Computational Imaging Lab.
Grads stage selfie
May 20, 2014 College of Engineering Berkeley Engineering commencement recap
Relive the baccalaureate and graduate commencement ceremonies for the College of Engineering in words, pictures and videos via Storify and YouTube.
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