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Press coverage of Berkeley Engineering people and news.

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Grads stage selfie
May 20, 2014 College of Engineering Berkeley Engineering commencement recap
Relive the baccalaureate and graduate commencement ceremonies for the College of Engineering in words, pictures and videos via Storify and YouTube.
Food delivered by Caviar
May 14, 2014 Berkeleyside Caviar delivers fave restaurant dishes to your door
New-to-the-East-Bay Caviar, a startup that delivers favorite foods from local restaurants that don't normally offer delivery, counts two Berkeley Engineering EECS developers — Andy Zhang and Richard Din — among its four foodie founders.
Campaign highlights
May 12, 2014 University Relations Campaign site tells 40-plus stories of philanthropy and its impact
The recently concluded Campaign for Berkeley looks back at its $3.13 billion success by telling the stories of donors and the fruits of their generosity, including the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation, Bakar Fellow (and mechanical engineering associate professor) Lydia Sohn, the entrepreneurial Coleman Fung, and energy research chairs endowed by Katherine and james Lau.
Johnny Depp in Transcendence
May 12, 2014 National Public Radio Science Goes to the Movies: 'Transcendence'
In a conversation with NPR's Science Friday, EECS professor Stuart Russell explains what it would take to “upload” a mind to the Internet, and what is really worrisome about strong artificial intelligence.
Wearhaus ARC headphones
May 09, 2014 Daily Clog Former Berkeley engineers redefine music listening through shareable headphones
Nelson Zhang and Richie Zeng, former EECS students and co-founders of Wearhaus Inc., recently launched their Wearhaus ARC headphones, which sync wirelessly with other music listeners, allowing users to discover new music and broadcast playlists.
Kelp collection
May 07, 2014 Berkeley Lab No Fukushima radiation found in West Coast kelp
Scientists working together on Kelp Watch 2014, including nuclear engineering professor Kai Vetter, announced Wednesday that the West Coast shoreline shows no signs of ocean-borne radiation from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, following their analysis of the first collection of kelp samples along the western U.S. coastline
CellScope Oto
May 02, 2014 New York Times Health care apps offer patients an active role
The CellScope Oto, based on a device born in professor Dan Fletcher's bioengineering lab in 2009, is one of two tools featured in a New York Times article on a new breed of apps and devices that increasingly put medical tools in the hands of consumers.
2D molybdenum disulfide crystal
May 01, 2014 Berkeley Lab Research on the literal edge of 2D semiconductors
Researchers at Berkeley Lab and UC Berkeley, led by Professor Xiang Zhang of mechanical engineering, have recorded the first observations of a strong nonlinear optical resonance along the edges of single layers of molybdenum disulfide. The existence of these edge states is key to the use of molybdenum disulfide in nanoelectronics, as well as a catalyst for the hydrogen evolution reaction in fuel cells, desulfurization and other chemical reactions.
HPV race
May 01, 2014 California magazine Cal Human Powered Vehicle team mends, but does not brake
Things were looking bleak for the Berkeley Engineering Human Powered Vehicle team last weekend, and the timing couldn’t have been worse. Just a day before the big ASME regional race, their state-of-the-art vehicle, nicknamed Reuben, crashed and broke in two on the first practice run. Then came a bigger surprise.
George Turin
Apr 22, 2014 Daily Californian EECS professor emeritus George Turin dies at 84
George Turin, a UC Berkeley professor emeritus and former chair of the department of electrical engineering and computer sciences, died in mid-March. He was 84.
Adam Arkin
Apr 16, 2014 Berkeley Lab Adam Arkin Wins DOE's 2013 Lawrence Award
Bioengineering professor Adam Arkin, director of Berkeley Lab’s Physical Biosciences Division and a biologist who is recognized as a leading authority on the evolutionary design principles of cellular networks and populations and their application to systems and synthetic biology, has been named one of six recipients of the 2013 Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award, the Department of Energy’s highest scientific honor.
TI lab project
Apr 15, 2014 Texas Instruments Students show off design projects from TI lab
As the first anniversary of the Texas Instrument-funded Electronics Design Lab approaches, TI highlights some of the cool student projects -- from a tic-tac-toe board to an autonomous quadcopter -- that were made possible through this $2.2 million teaching lab and adjoining "maker lounge."
Eric Allman
Apr 09, 2014 Internet Society Email innovator Eric Allman named to Internet Hall of Fame
Software pioneer Eric Allman (B.S.'77 EECS, M.S.'80 CS), whose creation of the sendmail program in the 1980s made possible email as we know it today, has been inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame. Joining him as a member of the class of 2014 is the late Douglas Engelbart (Ph.D.'55 EE), father of the computer mouse.
Ashok gadgil
Apr 03, 2014 International House Ashok Gadgil named an I-House alumni of the year
Ashok Gadgil, a prolific inventor and Berkeley professor of civil and environmental engineering, and philanthropist Wendy Schmidt have been selected as Alumni of the Year 2014 by International House at UC Berkeley.
dissecting collagen from turkey skin
Apr 01, 2014 The Scientist Dermatologically derived
Inspired by turkey skin, bioengineering professor Seung-Wuk Lee’s team has devised a bacteriophage-based sensor whose color changes upon binding specific molecules.
High speed rail
Mar 31, 2014 San Francisco Business Times More woes for high-speed rail
The $68 billion cost estimate for a Los Angeles-to-San Francisco high-speed rail network is far too low, and the system may be eclipsed by emerging technologies before the 30-year project is completed, civil engineering professor C. William Ibbs warned the state Senate transportation committee last week.
Concrete canoe
Mar 27, 2014 California magazine Whatever floats their boat: Cal team designs canoe of concrete
Fish got to swim, birds got to fly, and engineering students got to do wild and wacky things -- like designing, building, and racing canoes made of concrete. And nowhere do they do it better than at Berkeley Engineering, where civil engineering students are working overtime getting this year’s canoe, Calamari, ready for the Mid-Pacific Regional Conference in early April.
 Golden EnergTech team
Mar 26, 2014 Daily Californian Students’ energy-efficiency proposal wins ‘Most Innovative’ in DOE competition
A team of four Berkeley Engineering undergraduates won “Most Innovative” in one of six categories at the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Case Competition for its proposal to improve energy efficiency at universities. Members of the Golden EnergTech team were Nanavati Low (IEOR '16), Daniel Tjandra (ChemE '14), Michael Chang (CEE '15) and Grace Vasiknanonte (MSE '16).
Fukushima Daiichi power plant
Mar 24, 2014 Contra Costa Times Fukushima radiation near Half Moon Bay? Not so fast...
Japanese radioisotopes aren't lurking in the sand at Miramar Beach, the California Department of Public Health said in a final report debunking suggestions that the beach contained radioactive material from the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. "Nuclear radiation is something you can't smell, see and feel; it tends to scare people" said UC Berkeley nuclear engineering professor Kai Vetter, leader of the school's Rad Watch project, which has tested West Coast air, rain, milk and fish without finding any evidence that Fukushima-related contamination poses a health threat.
Liwei Lin
Mar 21, 2014 EE Times Berkeley scientists advance on-chip inductor technology
Berkeley scientists led by mechanical engineering professor Liwei Lin report they have found a way to advance on-chip inductor technology, a breakthrough that could lead to a new generation of miniature electronics and wireless communications systems.
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