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Mar 01, 2012 Berkeleyside SkyDeck hopes to boost Berkeley-based tech startups
The Berkeley SkyDeck startup accelerator, with 10,000 square feet at the top of downtown Berkeley's tallest building, is a collaboration between UC Berkeley's College of Engineering, the Haas School of Business, the Vice Chancellor for Research office, Berkeley Lab, the City of Berkeley, the Downtown Berkeley Association, and the Chamber of Commerce. "This initiative is a perfect fit for a campus that is deeply engaged with and concerned about real-world challenges," said Graham Fleming, vice chancellor for research. "We have long needed a space to help support the activities of the campus' many outstanding entrepreneurs."
Sehat Sutardja
Feb 24, 2012 Wall Street Journal Market Watch Marvell CEO Dr. Sehat Sutardja honored with UC Berkeley Outstanding Alumnus Award in Electrical Engineering
Marvell co-founder, chairman, president and CEO, Dr. Sehat Sutardja, has been named the recipient of UC Berkeley's Outstanding Alumnus Award in Electrical Engineering. The award presentation took place during the Berkeley Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Annual Research Symposium 2012. "Through his engineering achievements, activism and support, Dr. Sehat Sutardja has made invaluable contributions to UC Berkeley and to the field of electrical engineering," said Professor S. Shankar Sastry, Dean of the College of Engineering. Dr. Sutardja received M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from UC Berkeley.
Google self-driving car
Feb 17, 2012 National Public Radio When the car is the driver
This week the state of Nevada finalized new rules that will make it possible for robotic self-driving cars to receive their own special driving permits. Do people notice a self-driving car and gawk? "We get a lot of thumbs up," says Berkeley Engineering alum Anthony Levandowski (M.S.'03 IEOR), one of the leaders of Google's self-driving car project. Google's fleet of robotic cars has driven more than 200,000 miles over highways and city streets in California and Nevada.
Caltrans logo
Feb 17, 2012 Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center PEER signs contract with Caltrans to continue research on the seismic performance of lifelines
The Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER), headquartered at the University of California, Berkeley. has just signed a three-year research contract with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to carry out a comprehensive multidisciplinary research program on the seismic evaluation and performance of lifelines. This new funding from Caltrans launches a new phase of investigation for the PEER Lifelines Research Program.
David Wagner
Feb 16, 2012 PBS NewsHour Internet voting: Will democracy or hackers win?
While it seems like everything can be done online these days, that's not actually the case when it comes to elections. Science correspondent Miles O'Brien explores the security, logistical and secrecy challenges of Internet voting. David Wagner, professor of electrical engineering and computer sciences at UC Berkeley, joins the conversation.
Feb 10, 2012 BusinessGreen Berkeley Engineering grad students design an 'EcoFridge' that uses 40 per cent less energy
Imagine an environmentally friendly household refrigerator that is affordable and helps break people's energy-wasting habits when they use the appliance. That is what team of UC Berkeley grad students in engineering and industrial design students from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico envisioned when they were asked by appliance manufacturer Mabe to develop a cost competitive fridge that is kinder to the environment than others available to consumers in Mexico.
Energy Engineering
Feb 10, 2012 Innovations UC Berkeley College of Engineering launches new energy engineering major
The College of Engineering has launched a new major--driven largely by undergraduate interest--that focuses in a comprehensive way on the generation, transmission and storage of energy, with additional courses on energy policy. Beginning in fall 2012, the new interdisciplinary Energy Engineering major will be offered through the Engineering Science Program and extract from the best energy-related courses already offered by the College. "The objective of this major is to produce students who are well-rounded energy experts," says Tarek Zohdi, mechanical engineering professor and chair of the Engineering Science Program.
Feb 09, 2012 Wall Street Journal MarketWatch Three Berkeley Engineering students named finalists for 2012-2013 Hertz Fellowship
The Fannie and John Hertz Foundation has announced fifty finalists for the 2012-2013 Hertz Fellowship, chosen from over 600 applicants. Considered the nation's most generous support for graduate education in the applied sciences and engineering, the Hertz Fellowship is valued at more than $250,000 per student, with support lasting up to five years. Berkeley Engineering students David Barth (ME), Nicholas Boyd (EECS) and Sean Lubner (ME) have been selected.
Bay Bridge
Feb 06, 2012 The New York Times A bridge built to sway when the earth shakes
Venture deep inside the new skyway of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, and it becomes clear that the bridge's engineers have planned for the long term. The new eastern span of the Bay Bridge is meant to last at least 150 years after its expected opening in 2013. "We wanted to make this bridge flexible so that when the earthquake comes in, the flexibility of the system is such that it basically rides the earthquake," said its lead designer, Berkeley Engineering alumnus Marwan Nader (M.S.'89, Ph.D.'92 CE).
Ting Xu
Feb 01, 2012 Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Self-assembling nanorods: Berkeley researchers obtain 1, 2 and 3D nanorod arrays and networks
A relatively fast, easy and inexpensive technique for inducing nanorods to self-assemble into one-, two- and even three-dimensional macroscopic structures has been developed by a team of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory researchers. Leading this project was Ting Xu, a polymer scientist who holds joint appointments with Berkeley Lab's Materials Sciences Division and UC Berkeley's Departments of Materials Science and Engineering, and Chemistry.
David Dornfeld
Feb 01, 2012 Association of Manufacturing Technology Dr. David Dornfeld receives AMT's Charles F. Carter Jr. Advancing Manufacturing Award
Dr. David Dornfeld, Chairman of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Laboratory for Manufacturing and Sustainability at UC Berkeley, has received the Association of Manufacturing Technology's Charles F. Carter Jr. Advancing Manufacturing Award. Dr. Dornfeld is specifically recognized for his research toward advancing the understanding of burr formation and prevention, sustainable manufacturing, micro-machining, precision manufacturing and chemical-mechanical planarization.
Anil Chopra
Jan 31, 2012 Dredging Today Berkeley Engineering professor Anil Chopra to be keynote speaker at first Panama Canal Engineering Congress
UC Berkeley civil and environmental engineering professor Anil K. Chopra has been confirmed as one of the notable presenters to speak at the "Panama Canal 2012 International Engineering and Infrastructure Congress." The first-ever Congress, organized by the Panama Canal Authority, will be held in April in Panama City and will convene more than 40 experts from 10 countries, who will discuss large scale projects and future trends in the maritime industry. Chopra will share an earthquake analysis and well as design and safety evaluations of concrete gravity dams.
Jan 31, 2012 Wall Street Journal MarketWatch New research shows engineers far more likely than MBAs to start, run companies
In the latest edition of its "Revenge of the Nerds" white paper research series, Identified has discovered that company founders and CEOs today more than three times more likely to hold advanced engineering degrees than MBAs and that the overall age of business leaders is steadily trending downward. This shift could have a significant impact on corporate culture with younger, more technically inclined entrepreneurs at the helm.
Ashok Gadgil
Jan 18, 2012 Lab Manager Magazine Ashok Gadgil wins Zayed Future Energy Prize's Lifetime Achievement Award
UC Berkeley civil and environmental engineering professor Ashok Gadgil has won the Lifetime Achievement award of the 2012 Zayed Future Energy Prize. The $3.5 million prize recognizes and rewards innovation, leadership and longterm vision in renewable energy and sustainability. Gadgil was recognized for "his sustainable humanitarian work in Darfur -- providing energy efficient cooking stoves known as Berkeley-Darfur stoves, cutting the need for firewood by 55 percent."
Diesel truck
Jan 17, 2012 UC Berkeley Institute of Transportation Studies Diesel truck emissions in Oakland fall sharply
Recent field studies conducted by UC Berkeley civil and environmental engineering professor Robert Harley and his research team show that emissions of unhealthy pollutants from diesel trucks in West Oakland have been reduced by half in a matter of months, as a result of state regulations that banned the oldest, dirtiest trucks and set deadlines for retrofitting middle-aged trucks with diesel particle filters.
Jan 17, 2012 San Francisco Magazine Thinking makes it go
It's the stuff of science fiction: a marriage of brain and computer that allows the disabled to walk, the mute to speak, and all of us to control our reality with our thoughts alone. The visionary scientists at the Center for Neural Engineering and Prostheses, the Bay Area's bold new research hub, are making it a reality. Several Berkeley Engineering professors are involved, including Jan Rabaey, Jose Carmena and Michel Maharbiz.
Jan 12, 2012 Nanowerk Berkeley Engineering nanotechnology expert Paul Alivisatos wins Wolf Prize in Chemistry
Paul Alivisatos, director of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, UC Berkeley professor of materials science and engineering, and the Larry and Diane Bock Professor of Nanotechnology, has won the prestigious Wolf Foundation Prize in Chemistry for 2012. Alivisatos is an internationally recognized authority on nanochemistry and a pioneer in the synthesis of semiconductor quantum dots and multi-shaped artificial nanostructures.
Sandra and Douglas G. Bergeron
Jan 11, 2012 Wall Street Journal MarketWatch Bergeron Scholars Program for Women comes to UC Berkeley
Sandra and Douglas G. Bergeron have announced the establishment of a scholarship-mentorship endowment at UC Berkeley for undergraduate women pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The program assists high-potential women with financial awards and a one-on-one mentorship program. In addition, each Bergeron Scholar will gain access to a comprehensive suite of support resources from UC Berkeley's Division of Equity & Inclusion.
Sequin sculpture
Jan 09, 2012 American Mathematical Society Berkeley Engineering professor Carlo H. Séquin wins 2012 Mathematical Art Exhibition Award
Carlo H. Séquin, professor of electrical engineering at computer sciences at UC Berkeley, has received an award for his mathematical sculpture, "Lawson's Minimum-Energy Klein Bottle," in the Mathematical Art competition hosted by the American Mathematical Society. Séquin has been creating abstract geometrical art since the early 1980s, and created the winning artwork using a program called Sculpture Generator 1, "which allows me to explore many more complex ideas...and to design and execute...geometries with higher precision."
Zhangjiang Hi-tech park
Jan 09, 2012 Contra Costa Times UC engineering dean has high hopes for Chinese partnership
S. Shankar Sastry has something in common with Olympic divers. Poised high above a pool of budgetary cuts and institutional obstacles, Sastry -- dean of the College of Engineering at UC Berkeley -- recognizes that success for a barrier-busting joint initiative in China will be determined by his department's ability to metaphorically tuck and rip into the future fabric of higher education. Sastry hopes new technology for education will be achieved through a collaboration between UC and the Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park.
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