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May 29, 2014 IEEE Spectrum So, where are my robot servants?
Four years after Berkeley engineers' video of a towel-folding robot went viral, IEEE Spectrum ponders what it will take to develop robots that can become true helpers and companions in people’s homes. Berkeley roboticist Ken Goldberg says he doubts that ever-smarter machines will replace human contact, “but people aren’t always available.”
The Bakar Fellows Program's new fellows for 2014-15 include Ana Claudia Arias (EECS), who is working to improve MRI hardware; John Dueber (bioengineering), who uses synthetic biology to improve green chemistry; Shawn Shadden (mechanical engineering), whose research integrates medical diagnostic imaging with computational modeling; and Laura Waller (EECS), who develops new methods for optical imaging as head of the Computational Imaging Lab.
Neuroscientists, engineers and physicians from Berkeley and other university and industry partners are teaming up for an ambitious 5-year, $26 million project to develop new techniques for tackling mental illness by using devices implanted in the brain to target and correct malfunctioning neural circuits in conditions such as clinical depression, addiction and anxiety disorders.
Three UC Berkeley researchers — including Ali Javey, associate professor of electrical engineering and computer sciences — are among 30 national finalists for the 2014 Blavatnik National Awards for Young Scientists.
May 20, 2014 College of Engineering Berkeley Engineering commencement recap
Relive the baccalaureate and graduate commencement ceremonies for the College of Engineering in words, pictures and videos via Storify and YouTube.
New-to-the-East-Bay Caviar, a startup that delivers favorite foods from local restaurants that don't normally offer delivery, counts two Berkeley Engineering EECS developers — Andy Zhang and Richard Din — among its four foodie founders.
The annual Big Ideas@Berkeley competition continues to spur Berkeley students to change the world via life-changing innovations. This year’s winning projects, honored at the Blum Center for Developing Economies, included a host of Berkeley Engineers representing several disciplines.
May 13, 2014 UC Berkeley NewsCenter Two Berkeley Engineers among medal finalists
Finalists for the 2014 University Medal, UC Berkeley's highest honor for graduating seniors, include Brooke Liang, a bioengineer from Ottawa, Canada, and Rohin Shah, an EECS major from Pune, India.
The recently concluded Campaign for Berkeley looks back at its $3.13 billion success by telling the stories of donors and the fruits of their generosity, including the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation, Bakar Fellow (and mechanical engineering associate professor) Lydia Sohn, the entrepreneurial Coleman Fung, and energy research chairs endowed by Katherine and james Lau.
May 12, 2014 National Public Radio Science Goes to the Movies: 'Transcendence'
In a conversation with NPR's Science Friday, EECS professor Stuart Russell explains what it would take to “upload” a mind to the Internet, and what is really worrisome about strong artificial intelligence.
Nelson Zhang and Richie Zeng, former EECS students and co-founders of Wearhaus Inc., recently launched their Wearhaus ARC headphones, which sync wirelessly with other music listeners, allowing users to discover new music and broadcast playlists.
Scientists working together on Kelp Watch 2014, including nuclear engineering professor Kai Vetter, announced Wednesday that the West Coast shoreline shows no signs of ocean-borne radiation from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, following their analysis of the first collection of kelp samples along the western U.S. coastline
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