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Jay Keasling at House hearing
Jul 21, 2014 UC Berkeley NewsCenter On Capitol Hill, Keasling calls for ‘national initiative’ to boost bioengineering
UC Berkeley professor and synthetic-biology pioneer Jay Keasling was on Capitol Hill Thursday, stressing the need for a federal strategy to ensure continued U.S. leadership in a field he said can yield significant medical benefits for people throughout the world.
Bomb-sniffing dog
Jul 20, 2014 UC Berkeley NewsCenter Tiny laser sensor heightens bomb detection sensitivity
UC Berkeley researchers, led by mechanical engineering professor Xiang Zhang, are developing ultra-sensitive bomb detectors using tiny laser sensors that could detect incredibly minute concentrations of explosives.
Tactile jellyfish display
Jul 01, 2014 UC Berkeley NewsCenter Blind lead the way in brave new world of tactile technology
Imagine feeling a slimy jellyfish, a prickly cactus or map directions on your iPad display. Virtual textured touchscreens are where tactile technology is headed. New research has found that people are faster at navigating tactile technology when using both hands and several fingers. Moreover, blind people in the study outmaneuvered their sighted counterparts.
RadWatch team
Jun 19, 2014 UC Berkeley NewsCenter RadWatch project brings near real-time radiation data to the public
A team of Berkeley nuclear engineering scientists has launched a project called RadWatch to provide the public online access to a wealth of information — including near real-time readings — on environmental radiation levels. The researchers say the effort is meant to demystify radiation, an often misunderstood subject.
Jun 16, 2014 UC Berkeley NewsCenter The games genes play: Algorithm helps explain sex in evolution
What do you get when you mix theorists in computer science with evolutionary biologists? You get an algorithm to explain sex, say researchers at UC Berkeley's Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing.
Muscle tissue
Jun 10, 2014 UC Berkeley NewsCenter ‘Trust hormone’ oxytocin helps old muscle work like new
Berkeley researchers, led by Irina Conboy of bioengineering, have discovered that oxytocin – a hormone associated with maternal nurturing, social attachments, childbirth and sex – is indispensable for healthy muscle maintenance and repair. It is the latest target for development into a potential treatment for age-related muscle wasting.
May 27, 2014 UC Berkeley NewsCenter CNEP researchers target brain circuitry to treat intractable mental disorders
Neuroscientists, engineers and physicians from Berkeley and other university and industry partners are teaming up for an ambitious 5-year, $26 million project to develop new techniques for tackling mental illness by using devices implanted in the brain to target and correct malfunctioning neural circuits in conditions such as clinical depression, addiction and anxiety disorders.
Ali Javey
May 22, 2014 UC Berkeley NewsCenter Javey among Berkeley trio shortlisted for prestigious early-career Blavatnik Awards
Three UC Berkeley researchers — including Ali Javey, associate professor of electrical engineering and computer sciences — are among 30 national finalists for the 2014 Blavatnik National Awards for Young Scientists.
Big Ideas poster session
May 14, 2014 UC Berkeley NewsCenter Big Ideas@Berkeley 2014: Launching new generations of social innovators
The annual Big Ideas@Berkeley competition continues to spur Berkeley students to change the world via life-changing innovations. This year’s winning projects, honored at the Blum Center for Developing Economies, included a host of Berkeley Engineers representing several disciplines.
Brooke Liang and Rohin Shah
May 13, 2014 UC Berkeley NewsCenter Two Berkeley Engineers among medal finalists
Finalists for the 2014 University Medal, UC Berkeley's highest honor for graduating seniors, include Brooke Liang, a bioengineer from Ottawa, Canada, and Rohin Shah, an EECS major from Pune, India.
Bin Yu
Apr 29, 2014 UC Berkeley NewsCenter Bin Yu of EECS among five new NAS members
Bin Yu, a Chancellor’s Professor in the departments of electrical engineering and computer science and of statistics, is one of five UC Berkeley professors newly elected to membership in the National Academy of Sciences. Yu works on statistical machine learning theory, methodologies, and algorithms for solving high-dimensional data problems.
Apr 18, 2014 UC Berkeley NewsCenter Student hackers design new ways to research the Free Speech Movement
A student team that included EECS undergrads Kevin Casey and Craig Hiller took first place in HackFSM, a 12-day hackathon organized by the Bancroft Library and Digital Humanities@Berkeley that shared the Free Speech Movement’s aim to create a free marketplace of ideas.
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