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Jay Keasling
Apr 11, 2013 UC Berkeley NewsCenter Launch of antimalarial drug a triumph for Berkeley, synthetic biology
Twelve years after a breakthrough discovery in his Berkeley laboratory, chemical engineering professor Jay Keasling is seeing his dream come true with the launch of large-scale production of a partially synthetic version of artemisinin, a chemical critical to making today’s front-line antimalaria drug.
Jay Keasling
Mar 26, 2013 UC Berkeley NewsCenter Making living matter programmable
A dozen of the pioneers of synthetic biology, including SynBERC director and bioengineer Jay Keasling, gathered on campus March 25 to discuss the revolutionary potential of “programming life,” which some compared to the digital revolution.
Robert Wilensky
Mar 25, 2013 UC Berkeley NewsCenter Artificial intelligence expert Robert Wilensky dies at 61
Robert Wilensky, UC Berkeley professor emeritus of computer science and one of the campus’s first faculty members in the field of artificial intelligence, has died at age 61.
Mar 19, 2013 UC Berkeley NewsCenter Engineering grad students find privacy vulnerability in T-Mobile smartphones
A security flaw discovered by two graduate students during a computer security course at UC Berkeley would allow attackers to eavesdrop on and even modify calls and text messages sent via T-Mobile’s “Wi-Fi Calling” feature.
Terry Johnson
Mar 19, 2013 UC Berkeley NewsCenter BioE's Terry Johnson among 5 Berkeley distinguished teachers
Terry Johnson, lecturer in bioengineering, is one of five UC Berkeley faculty members selected as recipients of the 2012 Distinguished Teaching Award, the campus’s most prestigious honor for teaching.
Jennifer Granholm
Mar 14, 2013 UC Berkeley NewsCenter In Richmond, a hands-on approach to energy tech
Just three miles from the future Richmond Bay Campus, the Northern California Workshop for Energy Technologies, organized by the College of Engineering, underscored the need for businesses, governments and educators to work together to create jobs in advanced manufacturing.
Michael Lustig and Bjorn Hartmann
Feb 19, 2013 UC Berkeley NewsCenter Computer scientists awarded prestigious Sloan fellowships
EECS assistant professors Michael Lustig and Björn Hartmann are among 126 young U.S. and Canadian faculty members awarded prestigious Sloan Research Fellowships, which single out early-career scientists whose achievements and potential identify them as rising stars.
Feb 15, 2013 UC Berkeley NewsCenter Scientists create automated 'time machine' to reconstruct ancient languages
UC Berkeley scientists, including computer science professor Dan Klein, have created an automated “time machine,” of sorts, that will greatly accelerate and improve the process of reconstructing hundreds of ancient languages. Such ancestral tongues hold a treasure trove of information about the culture, politics and commerce of millennia past.
Dornfeld and Gadgil
Feb 07, 2013 UC Berkeley NewsCenter Two Berkeley Engineering faculty members named to NAE
UC Berkeley faculty members David Dornfeld and Ashok Gadgil have been elected to the National Academy of Engineering, one of the most prestigious professional distinctions accorded to an American engineer.
Jan 28, 2013 UC Berkeley NewsCenter Alice Agogino's path to AAAS ‘lifetime mentor award’
Mechanical engineering professor Alice Agogino has been named winner of the AAAS Lifetime Mentor Award. In a Q&A, she talks about her influences and her efforts to transform the profession, from human-centered design to computer engineer Barbie.
gps traffic
Dec 20, 2012 UC Berkeley NewsCenter Cellphone, GPS data suggest new strategy for alleviating traffic tie-ups
Tired of sitting in rush hour traffic? A new study by engineers from MIT and Berkeley demonstrates that asking everyone to cut their driving is only moderately effective in reducing congestion, but asking those in specific communities – those that contribute most to bottlenecks – may work better.
Dec 17, 2012 UC Berkeley NewsCenter To revert breast cancer cells, give them the squeeze
UC Berkeley bioengineering researchers have found that compression can guide malignant breast cells back to a normal growth pattern. The findings demonstrate the influence of mechanical forces on a cell's destiny.
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