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Bear Trivia: Test your Oski knowledge

Take this short quiz and become a Cal mascot expert

Bear Trivia:  Test your Oski knowledge

1. The secret to keeping the Oski costume odor free is to

a. air it out

b. use extra deodorant

c. spray Febreze in it

d. fill it up with those little air freshener trees

2. Last year, Oski went here for the first time ever, where he learned a dance routine to “Surfin’ USA” and managed to keep his real identity a secret.

a. Lair of the Golden Bear summer camp

b. Burning Man Festival

c. The White House

d. mascot camp

3. Legend has it Oski

a. rode a Harley Davidson with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

b. was played by famous alum Steve Wozniak, cofounder of Apple

c. refused to remove his bear mask even when being taken away in an ambulance

d. had a crush on Josephine Bruin

4. Oski has a reputation as a

a. spirited drinker

b. prankster

c. lovable bear

d. consummate undergraduate

5. Oski can no longer

a. flirt with girls

b. brawl with the Stanford Tree

c. throw pies at opposing chancellors

d. shimmy up goalposts

6. In 1999, the ASUC wrote a bill requiring Oski to do this. The bill was vetoed.

a. register as an ASUC student club

b. update his look

c. disclose his identity

d. serve on the Judicial Council

Answers: 1. a and c 2. d 3. c 4. all of the above 5. all of the above 6. b