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Summer 2004

  • Olatunde Adejumobi (University of Cincinnati)
Faculty Mentor: L. Trevisan, Graduate Mentor: Andrej Bogdanov
Counting the satisfying assignments to CNF formula
  • Oluwabukola Akinbo (University of South Florida)
Faculty Mentor: R. Bajscy, Graduate Mentor: Sang-Hack Jung
Robust Background Subtraction Method in Stereo Systems
  • Jennifer Brandmaier (Northwestern University)
Faculty Mentor: A. Neureuther, Graduate Mentors: Philip Liu & Michael Lam

Efficient and Fast EM Simulation of EUV Defects and EUVL Mask Multilayer Coatings

  • Desiree Bravo (UC Berkeley)
Faculty Mentor: A. Agogino, Graduate Mentor: Jessica Granderson

Improved Daylighting Systems: Wireless Sensing and Actuation with "Smart Dust Motes"

  • Donald Cox (Cal Poly Pomona)
Faculty Mentor: R. Brodersen, Graduate Mentor: Yun Chiu

Implementation of Adaptive Digital Filtering to calibrate pipelined analog-to-digital converters

  • Basil Etefia (Loyola Marymount University)
Faculty Mentor: S. Sastry, Graduate Mentor: Tanya Roosta

Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Azin Faghihi (UC Berkeley)
Faculty Mentor: G. Johnson, Graduate Mentor: Craig Wolfe

The Effects of Surface Roughness on Modulus of Elasticity on Small Scales

  • Elizabeth Fatusin (Ohlone Community College/Cornell University)
Faculty Mentor: S. Sastry, Graduate Mentor: Jonathan Sprinkle

Multi-view Configuration of Flight Dynamic Playback

  • Rafael Garcia (University at Puerto Rico-Mayaguez)
Faculty Mentor: S. Sastry, Graduate Mentor: Aaron Ames

Singular Event Detection

  • Matthew Gerber (Ohio Northern University)
Faculty Mentor: J. Feldman, Graduate Mentor: Steve Sinha

FrameNet, VEML, and the Semantic Web: Representations for Semantic Data

  • Willis Hoang (UC Santa Barbara)
Faculty Mentor: B. Nikolic, Graduate Mentor: Bill Tsang

Printed Circuit Board Design of a Sigma-Delta Analog-to-Digital Converter

  • Sarah Kloss (Cornell University)
Faculty Mentor: J. Dracup, Graduate Mentor: Tracy Wise

The Potential for Wastewater Impact Among Downstream Water Treatment Facilities Serving Populations Greater Than 250,000

  • Diana Lozano (San Diego State University)
Faculty Mentor: B. Barsky, Graduate Mentor: Todd Kosloff

Simulation of Higher Order Aberrations in Human Vision

  • Aqueasha Martin (Tougaloo College)
Faculty Mentor: J. Canny, Graduate Mentor: Matthew Kam & Morgan Ames

Metaphors in the Design of Social Service Applications

  • Ernesto Rojas (InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico)
Faculty Mentor: K. Goldberg, Graduate Mentor: Gopal Gopalkrishnan

Cad Design and Hardware Interfacing for Two Applications: Networked Lighting Control and Surgical Needle Simulation

  • Arnaldo Rosario (University at Puerto Rico- Mayaguez)
Faculty Mentor: S. J. Muller, Graduate Mentor: Nerayo Teclemariam

Dynamics of DNA attached to microspheres in microfluidic devices

  • Craig Tucker (Michigan State Unviversity)
Faculty Mentor: T. Van Duzer

Analysis of a superconductor single-flux-quantum shift-register multiplexer

  • Salvador Turrubiartes (UC Berkeley)
Faculty Mentor: K. Udell, Graduate Mentor: Eugenio Urquiza

Creating a Steady Steam Flow Rate Using a Supersonic Flow

  • Engdu Workneh (UC Los Angeles)
Faculty Mentor: S. Sanders, Graduate Mentor: Artin Der Minnassians

Design and Fabrication of Variable Frequency Three-Phase Driver for Magnetic Actuator of Stirling Engine

Beatriz Lopez-Flores
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cblf@berkeley.eduSummer Undergraduate Program in
Engineering Research at Berkeley
Center for Underrepresented Engineering Students
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Berkeley, CA 94720-1702
Meltem Erol
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merol@berkeley.eduSummer Undergraduate Program in
Engineering Research at Berkeley
Center for Underrepresented Engineering Students
312 McLaughlin Hall #1702
Berkeley, CA 94720-1702
Sheila Humphreys
SUPERB-Information Technology
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humphrys@eecs.berkeley.eduSUPERB-Information Technology
203 Cory Hall #1770
Berkeley, CA 94720-1770

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