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Engineering-Undeclared Adviser Code and Tele-BEARS Registration Instructions

In order to access Tele-BEARS each semester students need an adviser code. To obtain an adviser code for Fall 2014, you must complete a Tele-BEARS Schedule Form and submit to Kathy Barrett your ESS Adviser.

  • Undeclared students currently in their first or second semester do not have to meet with a faculty adviser to obtain an adviser code but are encouraged to do so.
  • Students currently in their third or fourth semester of enrollment MUST meet with a faculty adviser before submitting their Tele-BEARS Schedule form to Kathy. The Faculty Adviser HAVE to sign off on your Tele-BEARS schedule form before you will receive an adviser code from Kathy to register. Faculty will generally only be available from March 31-April 4, so please plan accordingly. Visit the link below for the list of faculty advisers and the timeline for meeting with them.  

You can email Kathy your completed Tele-BEARS form and she will email you back the code within 48 hours. Remember second year students need to have a faculty signature on the completed Tele-BEARS Schedule form before Kathy can release your Adviser Code.  You can also schedule an appointment with Kathy here by clicking on the yellow box in the middle of the page. Kathy can give you your Adviser Code during the appointment.

Faculty Advisers

Engineering Undeclared students are not assigned a particular Faculty Adviser, instead each major has designated faculty members to work with undeclared students.

CLICK HERE for a list of faculty advisers available during Tele-BEARS to meet with undeclared students.

When you meet with your faculty adviser be sure to bring:

  • A completed Degree Worksheet for your intended major. Fill in the worksheet with both your completed courses and those currently In-Progress.
  • An unofficial transcript printed from Bear Facts. You may obtain a transcript by clicking "Academic Record" and "All Grades." Be sure to check the box "Show Student Name" so that your transcript can be identified as yours.
  • Your Tele-BEARS Schedule Form with your intended courses for the Fall 2014.