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Simultaneous Degrees

Two majors from different schools or colleges at UC Berkeley, resulting in two degrees.

Students pursuing a simultaneous degree must complete all college/school and major requirements for both programs.

Applications for a simultaneous degree will be considered only when all of the following requirements have been met:

  • At least two semesters have been completed at UC Berkeley at time
    of application.
  • Planned program includes all requirements for both majors and colleges.

  • No more than two upper division courses (used to satisfy major requirements)
    may overlap between the two programs. Note: There is no limit on the
    number of courses used to satisfy breadth or humanities requirements that
    may overlap.

  • If a 9th semester (5th semester for transfer students) is required to complete
    the simultaneous degree, the request must be made at the time of application.
    Requests for this additional semester are generally approved; consult with
    your ESS Adviser for more information.

  • Applicants from a school or college other than Engineering must have an
    overall and technical GPA of 3.0 or higher. (Note: The minimum GPA for
    consideration is 3.0. Applications are reviewed for acceptance by the
    department to which a student applies and some have a higher GPA requirement.)

  • Applicants from a school or college other than Engineering must meet
    all Change of College application criteria and in most instances must submit
    their simultaneous degree application by no later than the end of the sophomore
    year.  Though applicants remain in their current college, and thus aren't doing a
    change of college, they are applying to the College of Engineering. We
    have the same criteria for admission whether applying for change of college
    or to complete a simultaneous degree. Visit the Change of College section of our 
    website to learn the College of Engineering application criteria.  

  • Applications for a simultaneous degree must be submitted a minimum of two
    semesters prior to the anticipated date of graduation.  In most cases, applicants
    from other colleges must submit by the end of their sophomore year.  Students
    who cannot meet the sophomore year deadline should meet with an ESS adviser
    to determine if a late application can be considered.

  • The application must be approved by Deans of both colleges/schools to which you
    are applying. Review the instructions on the application for information on obtaining
    the necessary approvals and signatures and consult with your ESS Adviser if you
    have questions.  For a list of the other colleges and their office locations, please refer
    to the website