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Modeled after the successful PREP program for first year students, T-PREP was launched in August 2013 and is an eight day summer program offered to newly admitted Berkeley Engineering transfer students.  The cost of the program is approximately $1,200 per student, however, T-PREP is offered at no cost to participants due to generous support from Lockheed Martin and the College of Engineering. The transition from a community college to a major research university can be challenging and the average transfer student underestimates the degree of transition.  Students who participate in T-PREP will be well versed and prepared to meet the rigors of being a Junior in the College of Engineering.   Students will become familiar with the resources available in the College of Engineering and on the Berkeley campus before they begin classes at Cal.  New transfer students will also leave T-PREP being a member of a tight-knit cohort that will allow them to immediately have established study groups and friends from the first day of classes and throughout their time at Berkeley (and beyond).

Benefits of T-PREP:

  • Study skills and time management strategies necessary for success in a rigorous engineering program
  • Hands-on experience in group study and problem solving in common first semester transfer engineering courses
  • Workshops focusing on academic and social issues common to transfer students
  • Networking with other new transfer students and experienced transfers in the College of Engineering
  • Undergraduate out-of-the-classroom learning opportunities (i.e. research, leadership development)
  • Graduate school and career preparation
  • Exposure to industry representatives providing a glimpse into industry trends
  • Guidance on establishing professional relationships with faculty

T-PREP supports new students who are:

  • Members of a group historically underrepresented in the field of engineering, or
  • From low income or first generation backgrounds, or
  • Non-traditionally aged, or
  • Parents, or
  • U.S. Veterans.


Dates for T-PREP will be August 15th to August 22nd  

Deadline to Apply is Friday, June 21st.  

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